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  1. Asaf Albo, MSc 2004 “Novel guest/host nanocomposites: conjugated polymer/layered compounds”
  2. Eyal Aharon, MSc 2004 “Hybrid photovoltaic devices”
  3. Ekaterina Dovgolevsky, PhD 2007 “Conjugated polymer/mesoporous silica guest/host nanocomposites for electronic applications” (currently in the safety department of the Technion)
  4. Eyal Aharon, PhD 2008 “Semiconducting polymer/layered compound guest/host  nanocomposites for optoelectronic applications” (currently at RAFAEL)
  5. Saar Kirmayer, PhD 2008 “The self-organization mechanism of semiconducting polymer/mesoporous silica guest/host nanocomposites” (currently at StoreDot)
  6. Dr. Shashank Shekhar, Post-PhD 2009 “Decoupling 2D inter- and intra-chain energy transfer in conjugated polymers” (currently at Seoul National University, South Korea)
  7. Ella Sinai, MSc 2009 “Controlling energy transfer in Semiconducting polymer/layered compound guest/host nanocomposites”
  8. Shany Neyshtadt, PhD  2010 “Exciton dissociation at organic/inorganic interfaces” (currently at QLight Nanotech)
  9. Zahi Shachar, MSc 2011 “Opto-electronic properties of conjugated polymer layered nanocomposites”
  10. Basila Kattouf, PhD 2012 “Proton-based electrochromic devices” (currently at Kattouf Jewelry, Kazana Investment LTD.
  11. Avigail Keller, PhD 2012 “Confined templating of mesoscopic metal oxides” (currently at MercyBeam)
  12. Tamar Segal Perets, PhD 2013, “Photo-current generation in hybrid photovoltaic devices” (currently PostDoc at the University of Chicago)
  13. Oded Nahor, MSc 2013 “Charge transfer in hybrid photovoltaic devices” (currently at RAFAEL)
  14. Igal Deckman, PhD 2014, “Understanding and controlling metal/organic interfaces in OPVs” (currently PostDoc at Berkeley)
  15. Lotem Bochbinder, MSc 2014, “Hybrid electrochromic materials”
  16. Dr. Sagi Eppel, Post-PhD 2015, “The Amide-templated iodoplumbates: extending lead-iodide based hybrid semiconductors” (currently at Cortica)
  17. Moshe Moshonov, PhD 2016, “Self-assembled hybrid photovoltaic devices”
  18. Stas Obuchovsky, PhD 2017, “ALD of metal oxides inside organic semi-conductor films”
  19. Liza Nuzman, MSc 2017, “Interlayers at the organic/metal interface in organic devices”